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Pet Brands and Products We Love 2021

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

We are excited to partner with Noble Critters for our Virtual Influencer Pet event. Our furry friends deserve the very best, so we’ve curated a list of our favorite brands to spoil them!

Noble Critters

Founded by animal lover Pamela Jean Noble, Noble Critters is a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising funds for animal rescues and sanctuaries. They give 100% of all profits made from apparel purchases and donations to animal rescues and sanctuaries. Check out their awesome core collection to help their cause!

Kitty Poo Club

The Kitty Poo Club saw how hard cat parents work to buy and carry heavy bags of litter and clean dirty litter boxes. Their solution: an all-in-one litter box sent straight to your doorstep! Today, they have helped tens of thousands of cat parents’ enjoy easier, and cleaner, lives. They understand that cats can be picky about their litter, which is why their boxes come with a variety of litter options, such as: fine-grain silica, regular silica, organic soy, and even clay. Their boxes are made from 100% recycled content and are completely recyclable. You can be rest assured that the functionality and impact on the earth were at the top of the list in the design of their product.

ElleVet Science

We all want our furry friends to live happy and comfortable lives. ElleVet Sciences was created by developing safe and effective hemp CBD+CBDA. With a diverse team with backgrounds that range from veterinary medicine to business, their products reflect a dedication to animals through research and innovation. The company even partnered with the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine in a clinical trial where 80% of the participating dogs showed a significant or dramatic improvement while using products from ElleVet Sciences. They contribute their success to cannabinoid and terpene oil blend solutions that they have developed and refined through lab-testing, data, research, and the Cornell Study. Whether you have a big dog or small dog, they have a product for you that will help with mobility, comforting, and calming your fur baby.

Felix + Fetch

Want to give your pet a natural and delicious treat? Try Felix + Fetch! The company has researched and hand-picked all of their ingredients, ensuring to provide planet-friendly products for your pet. Their core values are: quality, affordability, trust, and family. For them, your pet’s happiness is the most important goal. Their Joint Strength Chews promote healthy joints and increase mobility and strength, all while supporting your pet’s active lifestyle. They also have a product to improve your pet’s mental stability. Their Calm + Comfort Chews can reduce hyperactive behaviors, prevent aggressiveness, and suppress social anxiety. Need help with taking care of your pet’s teeth? Their brushless Fresh Dental Formula can remove plaque and tartar build up, freshen your pet’s breath and strengthen gums.

Charlee Bear

Named after a little rescue dog named Charlee Bear, the Gottsacker family set out to create healthy, tasty treats for dogs. After 25 years and millions of treats later, their products are still made from a family-owned company. Their Grain-Free Crunch treats come in 3 delicious flavors and are the perfect size for training. Have your pup try their Bearnola Bites! Made without wheat, corn, soy, artificial flavors or preservatives, each crispy crunchy cluster is loaded with flavor that your pooch will absolutely love. Check out their website to see where you can buy Charlee Bear near you! They also partner with benevolent organizations like Guide Dogs of America to provide hardworking service dogs with nutritious treats.

Bonne et Filou

Want to really spoil your pooch? Introducing: Bonne et Filou! Founded by husband wife duo, Linzi and Nico, Bonne et Filou makes fancy treats to pamper your best friend. Named after the favorite pups of French King Louis XIV, their treats are made with love and a pinch of sass. Your pet deserves the best so their artisanal treats are not only stylish and delicious, but also 100% natural with premium local ingredients from the U.S. Like King Louis, pet parents only want to give their fur babies the ultimate royal treatment. Just like humans, they believe that your dogs should be able to indulge and enjoy something out of the ordinary. Treat your best friend to a box of macarons made specifically for them.


Founded by Ryan and Adam Boyko, the duo have spent the last decade learning everything they could about man’s best friend. In quest to understand the domestic dog, Embark's founders have discovered many of the things that make every breed and every individual dog unique. Their research revealed an origin of the domestic dog near Central Asia over 15,000 years ago and the history of dog populations around the globe. Adam and Ryan have always wanted to share their work and improve the lives of pet dogs everywhere. Partnering with the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, and Spencer Wells, a pioneer in consumer genetics, they founded Embark to bring cutting-edge science and insights directly onto your phone and desktop. Owners and their pets can immediately benefit from all the newest and most advanced science. Learn your dog's inner secrets with Embark, the highest-rated dog DNA test. Unlock over 350 breeds, types, and varieties, screen for over 200+ genetic health risks, and reveal your dog's family tree. Save $50 off your own Breed + Health Kit with promo code LUX at


TrueBlue's mission is to create the very best wellness products for your pets. They saw that while there were a few pet products out in the market with natural ingredients, they often didn’t work as well as conventional products. The company worked with vets at Washington State University to find the best botanical ingredients that were both safe and effective for pets. They're dedicated to creating products that offer easy-to-use yet super-effective pet care solutions that promote optimal pet health. You can find all types of cleaning products for your pets, including shampoos, conditioners, and wipes. We love their variety of cleaning wipes for all sorts of hard to reach spaces, such as ears, paws, and teeth.

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