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February 2021 Products We Love

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Wellness Box

Shannon Jackson is a self-made successful business woman, who is also a registered nurse and host of the inspirational podcast, Living Your Life Without Limits. She answered the call for essential workers in New York’s corona-struck hospital wards and after her two months of duty, developed the Wellness box in an effort to help individuals track their own physical and emotional health. Inside, you’ll find a complete First Aid Kit that includes a thermometer and blood pressure wristband. You will also receive Shannon’s signature LYLWL Wellness Journal, which offers guidance on taking care of yourself emotionally and physically. Meditation Music and a Scented Candle are also included as ways to calm the mind and lower stress.


BALR. is an international luxury lifestyle brand known for its high-end fashion, travel products, and accessories for both men and women. This Netherlands-based brand was founded in 2013 by Demy de Zeeuw, Juul Manders, and Ralph de Geus. The company brings the luxurious lifestyle of extraordinary athletes within arm’s reach of everyone who works hard to live the dream of success. Their new Spring Summer ‘21 collection blends classical styles with contemporary design, perfect for high achievers. Their travel accessories are perfect for the hard working business person, or the adventurous traveler. The BALR. Kids collection will have any child looking their very best, while offering maximum comfort.

Volley/ Canned Drink

Husband and wife duo, Chris and Camila, created Volley from a shared love of craft cocktails and tequila. They wanted to recreate the popular spiked seltzer into something more. The tequila they use are made of 100% blue agave tequila, no natural essences, flavors, or concentrates, and real organic juice with 0 added sugar. They also source the purest local ingredients from Texas to Peru, in order to create a refreshing drink. Try their zesty lime, spicy ginger, or tropical mango for a light and low-calorie alcoholic drink!

Justin Shaw Abs

Justin Shaw, founder of “Abs On The Way”, wanted to get people moving and feeling their very best. His 15 Minute method will get your heart pumping, muscles tightening, and make you feel accomplished. He also offers the online “21 Day Ab Shred”, a class to get you on track toward your ab goals. His virtual in-person “Full Mind and Body Program” combines all aspects of health and fitness. With Justin, it’s all about mindset training for your mental fitness. With him as your coach, you can achieve anything!

Social Goat Book

433 is one of the world’s biggest media powerhouses, with a focus on creating and sharing the best football-related content on all platforms. Headquartered in Amsterdam, the media agency boasts 44 million followers and ~5 billion impressions generated each month. To share their secrets of success on social media, 433 created the “433 Social Goat Book”. This book, offered in paperback and ebook format, details more than 7+ years of trial and error, numerous real anecdotes, and checklists for the best practices. It’s the perfect guide to starting out on social media and growing your brand!

Kimnori USA

Kimnori USA, Inc is the #1 seaweed manufacturer in Korea and the largest seaweed producer in the United States. They contribute the success of their company to the hard work of their employees and the support of their customers. Seaweed is a great source of vitamins and minerals, and also contains a variety of protective antioxidants. This crispy, salty snack has even been shown to improve the gut health of some consumers. With different flavors of seaweed snacks, including: Sea Salt, Sweet N’ Spicy, and Korean BBQ, you’re bound to satisfy your cravings. Want to make your own sushi rolls? They even have seaweed sheets so you can make all the rolls you want!

KT Tape

When an area of the body is injured through overuse or impact, the lymphatic fluid builds up and causes inflammation and swelling. KT Tape aims to relieve this pain while supporting your strain muscles, tendons, and ligaments. When applied correctly, KT Tape lifts the skin, which allows this lymphatic fluid greater movement. Their tape is also believed to help provide more support to the muscles to not over-contract or over-extend. The lightweight and comfortable material can be used by anyone from athletes to manual workers. Unlike traditional athletic tape, KT Tape allows for a greater range of motion while also providing ample support. The tape is specially formulated to be latex-free, hypo-allergenic, and durable; enough to stay on even through sweat, showers, and humidity.


In 1946, Detroit engineers Frank Cotter and G. Howlett Davis invented the worlds’ first insulated tumbler. The company focuses much of their efforts into sustainability, from their reusable insulated tumblers to their partnership with prAna to eliminate single-use plastic and virgin forest fiber from their packaging. Their ultimate goal is to be a Zero Waste to landfill facility by 2022, next year! What this means that as a manufacturer, they will not send ANYTHING to the landfill, instead implement Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Tervis’ tumblers are highly customizable and also come in different sizes. They have many different collections to choose from like Movies & TV, Solid Colors, Nature, and even an Artist Series! We love their Tumbler with Reusable Straw for iced coffee on the go. There are so many choices to choose from!


Founded in 2010 by husband and wife duo, Darren and Patty Rude, Youtheory became one of the original collagen supplement brands and one of the largest manufacturers of collagen and turmeric in the U.S. They are committed to boosting the quality of life through products that naturally support the beauty, emotional, digestive, and physical well-being of the individual. They have a plethora of other health related tablets, powders, and mixes that can help with your digestive health, joint support, and even emotional wellness. Try their collagen tablets to revitalize your skin, hair, and nails, and support your tendons and ligaments. Have digestive problems? Try their awesome spore probiotic capsules to help with your occasional gas, bloating, and abdominal pain.


Launched in 1950, Electrolit’s unique formula combines great taste and premium hydration that is loved by adults and children. It’s the perfect beverage to recover after exposure to intense heat from an intense workout or grueling work under the sun; well as a great hangover remedy after a long night of fun partying. The drink contains all of the electrolytes and ions you need to be fully hydrated: Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, and Calcium. There are so many flavors to choose, from Orange to Hibiscus/Jamaica and the formula is all natural with no preservatives!

Perfect Hydration

Ionically charged and ultra purified, Perfect Hydration, or pH, is a great source of water that will keep you hydrated. You can find their collection of water in retail stores, C-stores, and online. Their bottles are BPA free, meaning that the chemical won’t leak into water. To get the perfect supercharged water, pH is purified using a 9-stage filtration process. It’s enhanced with minerals and electrolytes but contains no harmful additives such as sodium, chlorine, or fluorine. The water is also tested consistently by a third-party lab so that each bottle meets the pH stability above 9.5pH.

Heat Holders

Established in 1947 in England, Heat Holders used to trade yarn. Over the last few decades, the company has expanded into manufacturing and disturbing socks, hats, gloves, loungewear, and blankets. They use a thermal yarn that is Japanese-designed that provides insulation while also managing moisture. Although they have humble beginnings, the brand’s products are designed to be warm, comfortable, and practical. We love their comfy socks to keep our toes warm in those cold winters and their loungewear is perfect for chilling at home!

Rebellious Infusions

This brand is all about adding the most important health benefits to your hydration habits in an easy and delicious way. Rebellious infusions are organic, plant-based, sugar-free, no calorie infusions you can add to your water, smoothies, and other beverages! They come in a unique variety of distinct signature flavors and come in a small portable liquid packet so you can add it to any beverage wherever you go. They have caffeine-free options, as well as energy drink mixes that can turn your water into a hydrating and energizing concoction!

Ojai Energetics

With a focus on people over profits, Ojai Energetics provides CBD users with a dependable bridge to optimal living, promoting everyday health and healing. They bring ancient healing products and adapt them to modern innovation at an affordable price, whilst never compromising the quality of water-soluble CBD oil. Their organic CBD coconut oil is grown raw and is great as an addition to your smoothies and spreads, as well as enhancing your favorite recipes. Their main goal is to see their consumers connect with their sense of peace, balance, and relief.

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