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Sweatheory is the first all in one health studio specializing in infrared saunas in private rooms with showers, unique infrared yoga and fitness classes, Vitamin IV drips & Vitamin Injections, along with other options like Body Sculpting & Crystal and Reiki Healing sessions. We've created a destination, an experience, and a lifestyle.

Sweatheory is truly good to the soul. A calm in the middle of crazy Hollywood, you truly are taken away by the soothing atmoshphere and staff. While touring the space, you learn how much more they offer then just amazing and tranquil private saunas. Olivia Dunoff and her staff offer an array of services ranging from reiki to IV infusions as well as a beauty products, refereshing juice and snack bar, apparel and more exclusive serene products to clear and enhance your well being. No matter where you live in Los Angeles or in town traveling, you need to spend time on "you" at Sweatheory.

1503 N Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

310-956-2307 /

IG @sweatheory

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