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JetNest Brings Small Groups of Entrepreneurs and Others to Major International Cities for 30-Day “Im

LOS ANGELES – (April 18th, 2016) – A new service has been launched to introduce entrepreneurs, executives, professionals and others to the international business community, while providing opportunities to experience a major global city, network and collaborate with like-minded individuals, and meet global investors and prospective business partners.

The service is being offered by JetNest, a startup partially funded by hedge fund manager and New York Times best-selling author Christopher Farrell. JetNest was established to meet the needs of entrepreneurs and others who want an extensive, personally and professionally enriching overseas experience — without neglecting their current business or job. The company assembles carefully selected groups of no more than 30 individuals and brings them to a single global business and financial center where they live, work, collaborate and explore for a full month. Participants — called JetNesters— are offered workshops on local laws, customs and business practices, and attend intimate, invitation-only events where they meet locally based investors and potential business partners. Participants’ living quarters are technologically equipped and offer full Internet access, enabling them to stay connected to their jobs or businesses on an ongoing basis.

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The first JetNest group will travel to Buenos Aires, Argentina in September 2016. Subsequent trips are scheduled for Amsterdam and Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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“Our shrinking, increasingly interconnected world has made it essential for most entrepreneurs and business executives to have international experience and a global perspective,“ said Ekaterina Lyapustina, JetNest founder and chief executive. “Spending time in a dynamic, culturally rich city can stimulate the intellect while unleashing creativity. However, international travel can be a lonely experience, and most people find it extremely difficult to connect with overseas investors and others who can help expand their businesses. JetNest was established to help smart, adventurous and ambitious people overcome such challenges.”

Lyapustina, who immigrated to the United States from Russia at age 18, is an international marketing consultant and a specialist in intercultural communications. She has visited more than 60 countries and has helped clients launch marketing initiatives in over 15 nations worldwide.

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“We are creating unmatched opportunities for enterprising individuals to live together in an exciting environment where they can share their hopes, dreams, ideas and passions. Participants will expand their perceptions, gain new insights, and develop relationships that can benefit them for a lifetime.”

About JetNest

JetNest was established to help entrepreneurs, business people, creative professionals and others gain the international experience and perspective needed to succeed in today’s global economy. The company assembles small groups of carefully selected individuals and brings them to an intellectually stimulating and culturally rich international business center, where they live, work, collaborate and make connections with like-minded individuals and global business partners. For more information, please visit

Please watch this video about JetNest.

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